Clearing Browser Cache

Clearing Browser Cache
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There are several ways of Clearing Browser Cache in Chrome.

The first method copy and paste this into your address bar Chrome://settings/clearBrowserData then click CLEAR BROWSING DATA.

The second method is hold down Control (Ctrl) key and press the (H) key on your keyboard. Then click Clear browsing data on the left side and then click CLEAR BROWSING DATA.

The third and most convoluted method. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Then click on history. Then history again in the menu, a page loads called "History" how cleaver, Anyhow your going to see yet another link on the left hand side that says "Clear browsing data" click that. Once again a window appears with yet another button that you need to click that says, in all caps this time so you know it is important "CLEAR BROWSING DATA". Finally your cache has been cleared. What a hassle.

Summation click:

Three dots > History > History > Clear browsing data > CLEAR BROWSING DATA.

I suggest you install this app to avoid the whole problem. Cache Killer