Hulu And Netflix Will Not Play In Chromium

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Hulu And Netflix Will Not Play In Chromium
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Why? Good Question. Because of new security measures for Copyright protection at Hulu and Netfix. Chromium browser lacks Widevine module. Widevine is a decryption module for DRM (digital rights management).


1) Solution one use Google Chrome. Not my preferred browser but it works. Make sure google chrome is up to date.

2) Solution two install the widevine Modual. We can do this for you if you like just call Sam.

To do this we need to open the terminal. Yes it's scary but it's the easiest way.

In Applications open terminal.

Copy and past the following lines one at a time.

git clone

cd chromium-widevine


Close and restart chromium.

Make sure you update chromium in the AppCenter.