Sam's Custom Computers

Are you tired of off the shelf garbage. Even some high end computers will use cheap hardware to reduce costs. We can build you the computer of your dreams.

Gaming Computers

Let us build you a powerful and fast gaming computer. Gaming computers are all about the hardware. You need to know what to put into the case to get the most out of the machine. You need the right hardware or your games will not play smooth and fast.

Computers for Business

Business computers need to be stable. Business computers need processing speed not expensive graphic cards. Cut your work time down and get more work done using a computer that can keep up with you.

Special Needs

People with special needs such as the vision impermanent can benefit from a computer designed with your needs in mind.

Are you tired of paying for windows upgrades? Are you sick of viruses, malware and adware? Can't afford a Mac? Try Elementary OS. It's FAST, beautiful, stable and more virus resistant than a Mac. Elementary OS can be installed on any computer and it's free! Never pay for another upgrade.

No matter what your looking for we can help. Give us a call.